Thursday, February 17, 2011

too used to called it how can we leave it.??

how can we leave that small kampung.?
small kampung but there is a huge LOVE there.
the place that all the beginning for us.
family,friends,school,first period,pisang goreng,maths,colours,magic pen,malaysia,animals,plants and world.
yes we know all the world through that small village.
igt x kaklong,abah cerita yg kau jolok sarang burung kat belakang rumah time kecik2 dulu.then kena marah.haha.
bulan puasa semua bdk2 klinik keluar time mlm2 main bunga api.mercun,meriam.
but we are no longer bdk2.mereka semua pun dh pergi
time hujan semua jugak keluar rumah mandi hujan.
nti nak masuk rumah kena marah dgn mak sbb nk masuk bilik air habis basah rumah.
what a moment kan??

apa lagi nak ckp after 20 years been there,i learn to let it go..
but till now if anybody asked me "where do come from?"
i'll answer negeri sembilan.
but  a few months soon,i must practice to  change the answer.
and i will though it is not easy :')

jgn sedih ya rumah.we will always love you till our last breath.

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