Monday, January 31, 2011

yaAllah selamatkan lah kakak ku shabat2 ku dh seluruh umat Islam di sana

it's getting worst and i'm afraid of it.
everyday after opening my laptop i used to see her on the line.fb or skype.
but yes as the oldies says "we will feel the regrets when they are not there".
kaklong i damly hope that you're going well there.hope Allah always save you in every seconds in your life.
i wish that you are going back here as soon as it can be.
dear Allah do save her.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

when it will ends??

kisah hidup kita ni bkn nye cm drama.dh ada happy ending TAMMAT lahh cite die.urmm ni masalah psl ng re-registration for the new sem.ok duit ptptn aku x masuk lg dh account cimb bank.n td nk call aimst,x angkat pulak.adoyy byk nye dugaan.hati pon x tenang.cmne nak byr duit next sem masalah besar but you know lahh if i got any masalah aku x suka gtau org.just x nak diri sendiri yg pressure bile gtau org lain.kesian kan?entah lahh.knape eh every masalah tuh mesti ade continuation die.sakit lahh.i'm just hoping for miracles.boleh lah tu kan?bye