Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i can't...

just now someone my mom wast't here, so we having a talk.die tanye about minat ape?so i answered back that i didnt know.if dulu mmg physics but know what when u dah leave kan sesuatu and nak get it back balik bukan senang.same goes to this matter cmner i nk blaja balik physic tu even i minat gile??then,he asked me yg i minat sains computer i ckp la xtau sbb takut xde keje plus mak x kasi..die kate bkn mak yg nak belajar.yeah at the same time i need her blessing in whatever things i do.aku kesian gak kt mak.but everytime die call sape2 ke ckp yg die stress or pressure psl kemasukan aku ke ipta ni,mesti aku rase sedih gile.aku x boleh dgr psl mende2 ni.i have to make a decision which heart that i should or my mom??and dr dulu i dah choose my heart yg should be break in order no one get mom my family.and at last i cant holding back my tears,:'(..i dont regret that i cant be fight-for-what-u-want i regret,sbb ketike aku choose utk break hati aku at the same time ade gak org yg seolah-olah whatever things that i choose i cant memuaskan hati org lain gak.hope boleh menjerit and bagitau satu dunia the one yg terluka the most is AKU!!and it really hurts when u have to keep it for bile nk dipikirkan balik masalah ni xde lah besar mane.but,bile da byk2 pendam still rase sakit.kdg2 rase janganlah ade esok utk i know we should bersyukur in whatever situation is.nak tau ape yg aku banggekan skg.aku x penah give up utk jadi nurjannah azizan.:)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sanay...(i wish...)

org selalu nak kembali ke masa lalu utk perbetulkan kesilapan yg lalu though it is impossible.but for me sanay aku boleh pergi ke masa hadapan utk perbetulkan kesilapan aku yg sekarang.
but still it is,remember takdir memungkinkan segala-galanya.let us pray for the best to the Al-Mighty.:)

wah lately had been the hardest part in my life.kadang2 dh rase lali sgt ng sumer bende2 ni.aku dpt kejururawatan at da lame sket boleh trima lahh.then mak pulak mau aku tukar ke lahh awl bln 7 nak masuk U wadiah nye operation x de mases, smlm g jb tido umah pak cik la skudai tuh.haha.g utm even pak cik ali xde pon.hah!sgt pressure but as always buat2 ok lahh kn.terime je.and smlm k.jibah dtg feel quite relief lahh.sbb die kate nursing tu ok sgt.if dpt nursing pon aku da leh trime..keputusan semua kt tangan mak.sanay it wiil be the last one lahh.dulu time matrik aku nak amek fizik kaw2 die marah aku.i know mak pon tertekan.but sanay she will know yg aku lagi die x tau.watever pon keputusan yg Tuhan dah tentukan utk aku,sanay..dalam perjalanan tu no one get hurt..biarlah.sanay this will be the last hardest-part-in-my-life story.sakit lukakan hati org tp lebih sakit bila kite terpaksa lukakah hati sendiri.semoga semua ketidakpastian ni ends.and it will brings happiness for everyone.SANAY..amin.:P

ps:to those yg bc dont comment pape.thanks..:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

dua dunia :)

Put your faith in what you most believe in. Two worlds, one family. Trust your heart. Let fate decide .To guide these lives we see. A paradise untouched by man. Within this world blessed with love. A simple life, they live in peace. Softly tread the sand below your feet now. Two worlds, one family .Trust your heart. Let fate decide. To guide these lives we see. Beneath the shelter of the trees. Only love can enter here. A simple life, they live in peace .Raise your head up Lift high the load. Take strength from those that need you. Build high the walls. Build strong the beams. A new life is waiting. But danger's no stranger here .No words describe a mother's tears. No words can heal a broken heart. A dream is gone, but where there's hope .Somewhere something is calling for you .Two worlds, one family .Trust your heart. Let fate decide .To guide these lives we see. i come.
hmm today,i used two worlds song dr phil collins as today's lyrics
ni lahh satu-satunye citer kartun yg aku x muak langsung nak tgk.
tah la maybe sbb die punyer theme related ng family & friendship kot.
haha paling suke part kala jumpe tarzan time die baby lagi.cuteee gle..
ok..anyway,even duduk kt umah ni boring tp aku dpt gak dgr2 cite2 mak.
almost everything about her..and terasa sgt sedih laa dgr cite die.
as always i just can listen and do nothing..
but mak i hope Allah will always be with you as how you
always be with Him.
tu je lah aku boleh buat doa and berharap termakbul.
hmm,hope everyone can find the happiness throughout the journey of their life.
sbb happiness tu bkn nyer ade at the end of it.ok??
i hope sume org pandang this life as positive ways..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

holding back the tears...

A faded white painting and my slightly vanished scent are hidden inside a eye-blinding cloud
My wordless heart slowly moves
And the time that passes in between is in my hands
I’m holding back the tears
I hang my heart so it’ll be weightless
In a place not too close but not too far
Another me is standing, I don’t cry
I bring my two hands together once again
In a place I live the present life instead of the memories
It’s foolish but we were always together
The pain that I wanted to empty flowed throughout my whole body and dries up my tears
I’m living with my tears
I’m holding back the tears
I hang my heart so it’ll be weightless
In a place not too close but not too far
Another me is standing, I don’t cry
I’m holding back the tears
I hang my faith on me and run
In a place that is not high nor low
Another me is standing,
With a small smile, I can smile

wahaha.sejak setahun yg lepas setelah aku men'delete' my blog
kini aku kembali atas kebosanan yg melampau duduk kt umah.hua3.

date: 9 June 2010
day: wednesday
time: 7:46 pm
venue: batu pahat,johore

so as the beginning, i start my blogging with this translated song,
from TVXQ... holding back the tears.
ketika boring gle online tetibe terigt kt this song.
hmm it's not wrong to cry.
but you know i just hate it..
that's why lah we should hold on the tears.
anyway,aku mmg suke maksud2 lagu more than its melody.
and i think all my blog nanti mesti ade lirik2 lagu.
hahaha.tah pape.but i just love it to share with you(if ade yg bace)
cause' i like to make my blog as mine only.haha.
ok..wait for the next story of mine.hahaha