Saturday, March 19, 2011

that should be me :')

http://www.emocutez.comhmm dh lama aku teringin nak post benda ni.dah lama..and byk harapan impian dan keinginan aku x benarlahh Allah dah bg kita lebih dari apa kita harapkan.and i have no right to argue or being x i wish i can be as positive as i i can give my strength to others with confident and  without and hesitation.dan aku yakin 101% semua org ada harapan imipian keinginan or what-so-ever you call be easy it is a dream.impian ni mudah.kau xperlu jd jutawan,kau xperlu jadi mark zuckerberg,kau x perlu jd angkasawan dan kau x perlu jd justin be who are you is more that enough to have just A dream is not destiny.that is what i have learnt after so much pain before.dan org akan tny erk?kau penah pulak rasa pain..yes kenali lahh akuaku lebih suka mendengar dari bercerita..dan that is soo ME..:)..dlm byk2 dream yg aku ada..ada one dream ni yg keep coming into my mind lately..aku nak pergi tempat yg ada empat musim.and to be exact tempat yg ada salji.aku x leh lahh nak gmbr kan perasaan those yg blaja kt overseas or pernah pergi lucky you lahh.cause something that you have is nothing but somehow it is a world to the others..entah entah entah.but i hope this dream can be my destiny.i can wait 5 years 10 years and my whole life to be there.ok bye


(it supposed to be I instead of we hmm)

ps; fyi i hate justin bieber..really hate but his story-life taught me.never say never.try to remind myself whatever he is i still hate him
*i wish i don't lie.hmm

and i love his song could it be??damn!arghhhhhhhhhhh!:'(
but thank God he got new nice hair and his manly-man-voice-to-be...and the minute of 2;45 of this video caught my eyes.

it is a sign that i'm his FAN?? :O ohh noo!

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