Monday, September 17, 2012

A lonely road.

Hi. First of all if ever you finish reading this please pretend that you didn't read it at all.
Sebab kisahnya masih sama. Perasaan nya pun masih sama. Although there are million times I've told myself to be okay,to be strong,to be thankful. But after all I 'm just a human.
Entahlah. Aku rasa mungkin ada mana2 dalam solat atau ibadah aku tak lengkap atau tak ikhlas 
sampai aku rasa macam ni. Aku rasa lonely. Bukan alone tapi lonely. Arghhh that kind of feeling is killing me. Ada dekat Aimst is not the reason. Feeling ni since sekolah menengah aku rasa. 
I dream a life full of positive people around me. I want to be happy with my life. I want to be ikhlas as much as I want in my life. Tapi kenapa aku rasa macam ni.?I kknow  I can't have that kind of people to be there with me 24/7. I know after sometime this feeling will go. But for time being let me go along with this feeling. Maafkan aku yaAllah.

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