Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Will everything be okay?Will my heart be back to normal?

Long enough I didn't write..and today the feeling comes. Sebab apa nak tulis.? Sebab tgh emo. Well this is me..I didn't like to share or tell others what is my feeling though I really really really need someone to talk to. Things going very wrong lately. No no it not the situation, environment or friends. It's about my feeling. Sometimes I can cry even there is no one hurting me. I'm too fragile though there nothing can break me. Yes I'm the one that hurt myself and I'm the one that make everything very hard to handle. I'm the one that should be blamed. Hahaha. and this evening I read through the newspaper. Something about kemurungan. And yes I think I need to meet psychiatrist. But will everything will be okay later on.? Will all this sorrow-feeling fade away.? Will my heart be back to normal again?. There's a lot more question that keep questioning in my mind. But hope one day Allah will show me the way. Take away all of this feelings.  Whatever it is thank you YaAllah. I know You gave me this to make me more stronger. Dan selayaknya seorang hamba itu diuji.:D

ps; To Isha thanks a lot for unintentionally lend your ears to me. Thankss. I really mean this.:')

Mak just called me back..and controlling voice while tears are dropping is so hard. I wondering if she knows that I'm crying.."Mom knows EVERYTHING" :'(

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