Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Beginning.

Assalammualaikum.Huhu it had been agess I didn't write. Malas is the reasons. I already registered for Semester 4 few hours back. Alhamdulillah another beginning dah mula. Results belum dpt lagi. Mudah mudahan everything okay. So just now baru dpt schedule for this sem..I already knew it's going to be hectic but when I saw the schedule rasa macam...ADOIIIIIIIIIII. Have a look..yang di highlight tuh..

Nampak tak? Tak nampak buat2 nampak jelahh. Yeah it's look so stressful. Scary.. but never mind. I have plenty of time. And now is the beginning of the time. I pray may Allah help me to have a good time management, emotional and life.. Almost half of my journey has already done. I should work hard. Gambateh Jannah.Yoshaaaa.

ps; I don't know if I have another time to write again in this very pack semester. But insyaAllah if I have time I will. Pray for me people. :)

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